Doggie Doors

Gresham, OR

At Pet Doors and More, we understand that dogs need to go relieve themselves -- mostly early in the morning -- and that this can be a bit tiresome to most people. The professionals at Pet Doors and More would like to come in and install doggie doors for you so that it is a win-win for both you and your pet! With doggie doors, your pet can go out whenever they want. Our deep concern is to ensure that we not only offer these services, but also make them affordable so that everyone can enjoy having a pet door installed!

Once you give us a call, we will work closely with you so that we can deliver an outstanding outcome. You will be able pick the material of your choice and the area that you want the doggie door to be installed. We will design the doggie door to accommodate your pet, whether it's coming in or going out, and the design will be made to fit your lifestyle and tastes. We offer Security Boss Pet Doors and more!

You can find us in Portland, OR, but we are just a short drive from Gresham and the surrounding areas. We are honored to have served our local community with the best competitive prices for many years. We have a great reputation that speaks for itself, and all of our staff is licensed and insured. They are also highly trained and experienced, so no matter the size of your project, we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. We have the right equipment that will enable us to take on any project and finish it in a timely manner, no matter the material that you choose.

We are at your service 24 hours a day, so do not hesitate to call us. We will quickly respond and send out one of our contractors who will gladly help you out with your emergency. Give us a call, and we will get you a free estimate.